KUHL Affiliate Program

8% commission • 30 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions
KÜHL is now joining forces with other freedom fighters out to unlock the secrets of success from self-employment. KÜHL began with the same sense of freedom and adventure that lead you to begin your affiliate commission business. Are you seriously into the outdoor industry, writing product reviews, recommending the latest breakthrough technologies or apparel for ascending the pinnacle of a peak in the far off reaches of “never-been-there-before-now-I-want-to-come-back”? We want to help you by letting you help us!

KÜHL Clothing is the premier manufacturer of high performance and stylish apparel for the most active lifestyles. Ergonomic design, custom engineered fabric and acute focuses on detail highlight just a few of the hallmarks which have set a new standard in the outdoor clothing industry. Located in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains of Northern Utah, KÜHL Clothing can be found at select national retailers and the finest outdoor specialty stores around the globe.

Here are a few benefits of partnering with KÜHL
  • 8% flat rate commissions
  • 30-day first-party cookie
  • Average order size $156
  • Site-wide conversion 3%
  • KUHL is Parasite FREE
  • Dedicated program management and support
  • KÜHL Clothing creates cult-like loyalty (See our product reviews on our site!)
  • KÜHL provides the customer with amazing service
  • Data feeds (raw data or custom solutions)
  • Dynamic HTML generator
  • Affiliate keyword lists
  • Free advanced Affiliate tool center
  • 365-Day Return Policy
  • The finest product photography
  • The most in-depth product information
  • The best inventory in sought after styles, colors and sizes
  • Simple, intuitive site navigation
  • Customer Reviews, Fit Guides, Technology Definitions to help conversions
  • Potential to visit us at lunch time for a free meal followed by an afternoon of Skiing Utah’s lightest snow on earth using the KUHL Gold Passes

KUHL does not allow trademark, trademark plus bidding or any misspellings of the brand name.

Please do not bid on these terms: KUHL, Kuhl Clothing, Kuhl, KUHL+ Term not permitted (KUHLcoupon, KUHLdeal, Kuhldiscount, KUHLpromotion, KUHLoffer not permiited)

Ad Copy:
Kühl Clothing does not authorize any affiliate to use “discounting terms” including, but not limited to: sale, cheap, discount, outlet, % off, deal, low price, savings, discontinued, closeout, markdown, for less, best price. *Penalty:* If KUHL finds any Affiliates misusing the KUHL brand in ad copy, all sale commissions will be reversed. If violators continue to disregard this policy the affiliate relationship will be terminated.

The use of the term "free shipping" or any variation that may be misleading is strictly prohibited.

Affiliates may not use the term “KUHL” brand name or other trademarked variations in their URL. This includes www.youraffliatesite.com/KUHL