SharpSense Affiliate Program

15% commission • 60 days cookie duration • Terms & Conditions

SharpSense was founded in 2016 with the belief that men should be able to purchase premium quality well-fitting custom suits and shirts at affordable prices. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and we believe that 99% of the time, a suit that is tailored to your precise body measurements will fit far better than any 'off the rack' suit that can be bought.

SharpSense allows men to create and design perfectly fitting custom suits and shirts online, which are tailored to their measurement profile, without having to go into a retail 'showroom', having a tailor visit their home/office, or having to visit a traveling tailor. Off-the-rack suits are cookie-cutter in nature, and often don't fit most men very well unless they happen to have a body frame that matches an average body frame.

Although there aren't many companies doing everything online like we are (without a storefront or in-person tailor visit), we're not the first. The biggest thing that makes us different is the way we go about measuring people. Our measuring methodology and technology give us the lowest 'misfit' rates in the industry - fitting issues have traditionally been the biggest issue online custom menswear retailers have had (and why some have failed).

We believe that while the market for online custom formal wear is small right now, it's growing significantly each year and will continue to grow. It's the one clothing industry that has resisted the e-commerce trend because of the challenges, but we believe it will be the main way men shop for suits and shirts in the future, and it's one of the reasons I started this business to begin with.

It comes down to value proposition. We can offer a lot better quality for a lower cost, which customers also get to design from scratch, and which fits better than traditional menswear retailers. How are we able to do this? Traditional menswear retailers have hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars of fabric inventory just sitting in their stores, losing money. They have expensive retail outlets with lots of employees to pay in order to staff. SharpSense has none of these costs, and extremely low overhead and it allows us to pass that value on to our customers. Plus the suit is guaranteed to fit far better than anything they can buy 'off-the-rack' and the customer gets to design all the features they want on the suit rather than settling for a pre-made design.

Program highlights:

  • 15% commission
  • 60 day cookie duration
  • 0% return rate since we do not accept returns
  • Free Shipping on orders $100+
  • In the event we have to pay for alterations, we will do so out of our own pocket (we will not back charge you or do a partial return)
  • Average order value approximately $200 CAD (a $30 commission for you) with and many orders in the $1000 range

Paid Search Policy: Bidding on the SharpSense brand related term, including misspellings and variations, is not allowed.

Demographics: Currently we are selling in Canada & USA only, so you should have a decent amount of Canadian & US traffic to make it worth your time. We intend to start serving Europe in 2018.

Disclaimer: We do not work with couponing, discount, or loyalty/cashback sites unless previously agreed upon - don't bother applying if your site fits this classification.